Finalists Revealed - The People's Choice Awards 2014 shortlist

29 October 2023

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  • brett says:

    Hi Guys

    There is no real room there for tour operators or walking tours. Perhaps a criteria for us could be auditioned next year. We are the most innovative walking tour operator in Australia, we are also aiming to be the most recognised.

    Good job though on the rest of it.
    Go well

    Brett Neagle

  • Ian says:

    Nice to see this sort of effort to promote Australian accommodation providers however interesting that there is no category for boutique accommodation such as that found in the wine regions or places such as the Blue Mountains.

  • Mrs Gai Pritchett says:

    I love Yamba NSW because the town is so clean, the water in both the river and all of the 8 beaches is usually pristine. There are fabulous cafés and restaurants with flavours to suit every palate. Fabulous coffee, e.g. Local brand “Botero”. My sister from Adelaide said she can go into Adelaide with a purse full of money and find nothing to buy but was amazed when shopping in Yamba “I could buy something from every boutique here!”, she also said the meat was the best she had ever tasted. The relaxed ambience and super friendly locals make you feel happy! Add to that a perfect climate, one of the biggest rivers in the country – with fish! Yamba has it all!

  • rod says:

    Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW the best beach in Australia really? does no one travel outside NSW