There’s fast food and then there’s fine fast food. Here are 5 of Australia’s finest casual dining restaurants right now.

1. Good Times: While preparing his brand-new city venture, Mercado, head chef Nathan Sasi was working on his new ice-creamery in Sydney’s Potts Point, selling creative soft-serves made entirely from scratch.

2. Jimmy Grants: Complementing his popular modern Greek restaurants, George Calombaris opened his fifth incarnation of his Melbourne souvlaki bar, Jimmy Grants, this year.

3. Burger Project: Neil Perry has a brand new outlet in the heart of Melbourne and another is planned for Sydney’s Macquarie Centre.

4. Biggie Smalls: Kbabs With a hip-hop playlist and kebabs of slow-cooked pulled lamb shoulder, Maha head chef Shane Delia’s venture in Collingwood is a hit.

5. The Chicken Shop: The Paddington’s Ben Greeno cooks free-range Bannockburn chickens on a custom-made rotisserie.

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