What’s yellow, crazy and has billions and billions and billions of legs? All of the Yellow Crazy Ants currently turning areas of the Northern Territory into so much insect food. They’ve worked their way through about 20 million red crabs on Christmas Island, and are now causing problems along the Gove Peninsula in eastern Arnhem Land. So named because they swarm when disturbed, Yellow Crazy Ants are recognised by the Global Invasive Species Program as one of the world’s worst invaders, and it’s up to you do help turn the tide . . . on your next holidays. Scientists and Indigenous rangers need your help as in their eradication programmes as part of a volunteer holiday near Nhulunbuy in a remote and wild area covering 25,000km2. A one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll travel through astonishing Aboriginal lands, swim at secluded beaches, get to know researchers and traditional owners of the land and sleep beneath the stars. Oh, and don’t forget your boots. 

WHERE // Nhulunbuy, east Arnhemland, Northern Territory. More info at www.conservationvolunteers.com.au.

DID YOU KNOW? // If aerial spraying isn’t maintained, it’s thought the endemic Christmas Island Frigatebird population will fall by 80% in the next 30 years through Yellow Crazy Ant infestations.

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