Driving through the channel country – from Boulia to Winton

20 January 2023

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  • Greg Bryant says:

    You forgot to mention Campore Lookout, just down the Road from the Pub. It is the most mesmerising vista in our whole Country.

  • Richard Temple says:

    A wonderful experience here in the Outback and particularly Winton, Lets not forget Winton is the Birthplace of Qantas and Winton Shire was the first shire in the world to support and help finance an airline! Of course Banjo Paterson visited here and Waltzing Matilda’s first ever recital was held at the Famous North Gregory Hotel.

  • Jacqui Burke says:

    What a terrific article! My hubby and I are currently staying in Boulia for a few days/nights before we leave for Winton. We are keen to stop at the Middleton Hotel and have a yarn with dear old Les. When travelling from Inverell to Moree earlier this year we were incredibly fortunate to have also seen the Min Min lights. We can surely say they were NOTHING to do with the scientific explanation that “it has something to do with atmospheric refraction”. No way! Whilst travelling at around 110-115 km’s the lights remained by the side of our vehicle for many seconds. How can that be? One of life’s little mysteries! Anyway, we are greatly appreciative of being in the fortunate position of travelling this great country and for now coming accross your very informative and article! Many thanks and happy and safe travels to you! Kind regards – Lindsay & Jacqui Burke

  • Graham Smith says:

    Worked in this country in the late 1960’s. Wonderful people who have seen every type of adversity, but most likely more drought than anything else. Nothing but admiration for the residents of Boulia Shire.