It seems paying homage to pop culture is the plat du jour of late with these cult cafe eateries committing to some pretty cool themes, including the likes of Star Wars and Breaking Bad.

Toastface Grillah

Named after US rapper Ghostface Killah, Perth’s Toastface Grillah serves delicious cheesy toasted sandwiches down a nondescript laneway covered in street art. The toastie joint got more than they bargained for in late 2014 when the rapper himself showed up and did an impromptu performance outside.

Biggie Smalls Kebabs

As the name suggests, this Melbourne establishment is not your typical kebab shop, though it does still promise a belly full of late-night goodness. The Collingwood takeaway store is inspired by the late rapper of the same name, with New York-style diner seating and an audio track to match.

Burgers Anonymous

Tonight, we cook. By we, we mean Sydney’s Burgers Anonymous. With a Breaking Bad theme, including a giant mural of Walter White, Burgers Anonymous in Darlinghurst is where you can chow down on a Heizenburger (a double beef patty cheeseburger with crack bacon).

Deathstar Canteen

Not quite a reality just yet, this Brisbane Star Wars-themed eatery is set to serve gourmet coffees and sandwiches. To get prepared watch Eddie Izzard’s skit on YouTube!

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