Australian Traveller conducts a five minute interview with food legend Maggie Beer

Arrival Gate Five Minute Q&A

WHO: Maggie Beer
WHAT: An icon of the Australian food scene, Maggie’s culinary career spans more than a quarter century.
WHERE: Barossa Valley.

The Australian place every Australian MUST see: The Barossa of course! No longer a monoculture based on wine, the Barossa has grown in its food production to beautifully compliment the region’s fame in winemaking.

Favourite Australian eatery? Cibo for a relaxed but consistently delicious meal, The Grange for a gastronomic experience you can’t create at home and because I love seafood so much I have to mention the Star of Greece for their amazing squid.

Any cooking tips to share with our readers? Make it easy on yourself! Use what’s in season and readily available. Look at what’s in the markets before you decide what to cook. And playing rather loud opera arias always helps my cooking!

When travelling around Australia, what do you look for in a restaurant? To enjoy the experience of dining out, you need to be relaxed about it, and the easiest way to be relaxed is to feel comfortable to ask when you’re not sure about something. This is where good front-of-house people are so important and the reason they end up being a deciding factor in whether I return to a particular restaurant. Of course the food is important but good front-of-house people always enjoy making dining a special experience for you.

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