Saint Augustine once famously wrote that the world is a book, and those who don’t travel read merely a page. However, with the right books in your hands, whether you’re travelling on a plane or simply in an armchair, the world can open up a little more before your very eyes. Travel through the pages with six glossy beauties we love.

Great Hiking Trails of the World

By Karen Berger

Lovingly compiled by prolific hiking specialist Berger, in association with the American Hiking Society, here is a walker’s dream bucket list, embodied in a lavishly illustrated celebration of 80 of the world’s most iconic trails. From our own amazing Australian walks through to the subarctic reaches of Norway and the ultimate Himalayan odysseys, each trail has its own gorgeous photo gallery to really get your feet itching for the trail.

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

By Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras & Ella Morton

The wondrous, the curious and the downright strange – detailed in this beautifully bound, red debossed and gold-foiled tome, the 700-odd, well, oddities and marvels within are enough to make you fall in love with this funny old world all over again. A fire that’s been burning in the desert for 40 years; the self-mummifying monks of Japan; and so many more wonderful gems complete with GPS coordinates for the intrepid? Wanderlust, meet world.


By Claire Takacs

A city may lie at the heart of a country, but green spaces and gardens define its soul. Erstwhile International Garden Photographer of the Year, Claire Takacs has compiled a kind of photographic love story dedicated to more than 50 of the world’s most astounding gardens. Drink in Japan’s Kenrokuen, Australia’s own Cloudehill and take a peek at Martha Stewart’s private garden too, through stunning imagery that captures each garden at that rare moment when it is at its beauteous peak.

Made to Last: A Compendium of Artisans, Trades & Projects

By Vanessa Murray

Inspiring tales of 50 artisans around the globe, leathersmithing, beekeeping, fermenting or just making a mean bathtub gin, are heartening news indeed in a world sometimes seemingly ruled by the mass-produced and disposable. There are plenty of DIY projects included, so you can try your own hand at building a bamboo bicycle too. Lasting projects to make a lasting impression on you.


By Doron & Stephanie Francis

You know that dream you have, to cast off the everyday and run away to the mountains-slash-beach-slash-anywhere without a wifi connection? These are the people who’ve done it. Homecamp brings you the stories of ‘normal’ people turned adventurers, living their dream in a van, a shipping container, even a house made of hemp, or simply on a bicycle as they explore the world. There are how-tos on wild food foraging and brewing your campfire coffee too; what you do next with all this inspiration is up to you.

Burn City: Melbourne’s Painted Streets

By Lou Chamberlin

The street art of this southern capital has taken on a life of its own: tourist attraction, art school excursion, even wedding photo backdrop. This subculture gone mainstream is great, tangible evidence of Melbourne’s eclectic vibrance, and it is fabulously laid out in these pages according to theme, so you can take it as a guide for your own travels, or simply enjoy the ephemeral, evocative imagery lifted straight from the streets of the laneways and architecture of Melbourne city life.

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