WIN: the ultimate travel gift guide for Father’s Day



Comments (20)
  • Lillian Gates says:

    What a great competition! Really nice prizes, good luck to the lucky Dad!

  • Stuart says:

    Enjoy receiving your emails as our family loves to travel. Competition looks great.

  • Paula Johnson says:

    What a lovely collection of prizes! There is certainly something for everyone. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Col says:

    Love the Australian Traveller postings. Not able to go to the hundreds of places (at the moment) but thoroughly enjoy the reading and armchair travelling.

  • Henk ten Brinke says:

    Travelling with Dad is the best. Lots of stops along the way to experience different towns, singing along to music, laughter and creating memories.

  • Katrina George says:

    What a wonderful competion

  • Gaynor Shaw says:

    Great prizes for Father’s Day

  • Katie Murray says:

    Fantastic prize! I would love to win this for my Dad!

  • Bruce Jackson says:

    Great that to enter took such a short time to do. Keep up the good work which helps keep us all sane !

  • Richard Hodson says:

    Great Packs, really well thought out for those that like to travel and keep it light, spot on.

  • Shaolin says:

    Can’t wait ! Dads are getting spoiled this year!

  • Ana-Ruby says:

    They sound like amazing prizes! I haven’t been able to see my dad for 3 years. It would be great to win one of these prizes to surprise him. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • Mary O'Sullivan says:

    The only way to truly relax for a Dad is to go on holidays. And these packs would really help.

  • Steve Evans says:

    I love seeing the emails coming through regularly, and this was fun.

  • Glenn Sutcliffe says:

    Tired of usual socks etc for Father’s Day…….looking forward to something more exciting

  • David Lewis says:

    This is the best Father’s Day prize package I have ever seen!

  • June Henwood says:

    I love competitions and thank you for the opportunity to participate in your site.

  • Timothy Murray says:

    I love my dad, he is always keen to take me out for a hike and travel. Its the best because I get to learn more about how great he is and how I can grow into a better guy!

  • Jill Hoffenberg says:

    Always look forward to your interesting and exciting travel ideas.

    Your your choice of goods for the Father’s Day giveaway packs are amazing – lucky winners this time!!

  • Lachlan Fort says:

    Fierce array of Father’s Day prizes on offer by “Australian Traveller” just spectacular for a special dad who’s always had my back 24/7.

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