Where to find the best oysters in Port Macquarie


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  • Naz says:

    Hi, I would like to do the oyster picking me and my misses.
    When’s the best day/time we could come in. And how much does it cost thanks call Naz on 0415472442

  • Howdy!

    Just want to say a huge thanks to the editor of this article, though it is an old article, the information is still the only concise information we can really find out there of the QLD-NSW oyster trail and we depended on this article when we made the trek ourselves. We have used it twice to guide us and then googled/yellow-paged to try and find others (without much success). So props to you and once again thank you! If you would like to read our blog post about our oyster trail its here -https://atfood.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/brisbane-to-sydney-oyster-trail/

    Temika and Andrew

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