What it's Really Like to Stay in a Capsule Hotel



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  • Peter Hook says:

    Congratulations Steve on accepting the assignment, but I think I would have preferred testing out the new Spicers in Potts Point or the forthcoming Sofitel at Darling Harbour. You clearly drew the short straw. I think it is a gimmick with a short shelf life, because over the next five years, Sydney will get 40 hotels and 8000 rooms covering all shapes and sizes. Sydney has suffered a room drought since the Olympics so quick fixes like this are understandable, but we are not Tokyo and soom there will be room for everyone – including the cat!

    • Editor says:

      Thank you, Peter. Steve’s happy to try out anything, from zero to six stars, as long as they do what they do very well. The Capsule’s a quirky night out more so than a quick fix or the short straw. Let’s hope there’s space for unconventional entry-level places like this among all those beautiful new rooms in Sydney’s stunning heart.