Unusual facts about Kangaroo Island



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  • leah foster says:

    thanks this information will help me for my project.

  • Peter Murch says:

    Kangaroo Island is the 3rd least populated island on earth after Greenland and the Falkland Islands, with less than one person per sq km. It’s natural beauty is truly unique, a place where the unusual is breathtaking and memorable. The clear sky at night will make you feel closer to the universe. Pelican’s will walk up to you on the beaches, looking for a feed, but your ideal opportunity for a photo session begins. An early morning walk on the towns outskirts will have you face to face with kangaroos feeding on road and track verges. If you have the ability to take a boat tour, be amazed at the crystal clear waters with the bonus of dolphin’s and seal’s wanting to ‘guide’ your boat. At the end of your stay, be prepared to seriously consider Kangaroo Island as your next place of residence, as many before you have.

  • Kla says:

    I would like to know if this fact is really true; KI should be known as I’Île Decrès, as French explorer Boudin published the first map of the island in 1811 – three years before Flinders. I have been researching it and have only found that Mathew Flinders discovered KI just before the french captain, after that a american captain Pemberton found KI and named american river.

  • Dawn says:

    Would love to go there

  • Helen Bryan says:

    I have just been on Australian Geographic tour, Behind the Scenes on KI , with Exceptional Kangaroo Island Tours. It was excellent. Beautiful place to spend time.

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