A guide to the best markets in Hobart

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  • Kaarina Honkavaara says:

    How about Bream Creek Farmers Market….Lovely position, well worth visiting

  • Cheryl says:

    One of the best markets in the state is Evandale Market in the north of the state it not only has local food and produce but locally made artisan products and such array of goods and has a fun festive atmosphere when you go there. that keep locals and tourists coming back. There is also the Harvest Market ran in Launceston where you can fresh locally grown produce ranging from fruit and veg to homemade breads, fish, wines and once again has a real festive atmosphere when you go there. They are really worth taking the time to visit and experience a part of the north of the state.

  • Kimberly kok says:

    Tasmania is a gorgeous place like it so much!

  • Helen Cleary says:

    Interested to find out which markets are operating around mid Sept when we are visiting this year.

  • Jill Bridges says:

    So helpful. Thank you ☺️

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