A Perth to Ningaloo Reef road trip itinerary

10 July 2024

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  • Steve richardson says:

    Always good to visit Gnaraloo in that trip. Incredible surfing and unbelievable scenery. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Gnarloo Bay. It’s where the ningaloo reef properly starts. Camping and fixed building accommodation is available.

    Well worth the detour off the main highway, after Canarvon

  • Nina says:

    I think there’s plenty more that could go on this list but agree with Steve that Gnaraloo would be a worthwhile contender, along with Red Bluff that’s along the way. Unfortunately like everything else along this lonely stretch of coast, it’s a detour, being 150km north of Carnarvon but for those feeling a bit adventurous and who have a sturdy vehicle this is a worthwhile detour.

  • Angelo says:

    This trip is definitely on our bucket list. We will do it sooner than later.

  • Mike Berriman says:

    After reading Perth to Exmouth as a road trip, it has just made it Number one on my bucket list.

  • Rich Moule says:

    Great informative article cheers!!
    Im currently planning this trip and will be taking a swag with me, are there places to stay with a swag in each of the destinations you mention?

  • Elizabeth Wightwick says:

    Firstly, the pier at Carnarvon no longer has a train. The wharf is derelict and closed off. But the museum and cafe there are great. Specially recommend the film about HMAS Sydney

    Secondly, the Lighthouse caravan park just outside Exmouth is closed and derelict, due for re-development

  • Marty Strecker says:

    Great tips. Please do the whale watching and fight seeing flights, my daughter is one of their pilots !

    Looking forward to our own visit soon