The satisfying ‘thwack’ of a wet tennis ball; the spray of the surf on sun-warmed skin; the cries of “Ooooouuuut!” If you haven’t played beach cricket, you haven’t
experienced a true Aussie summer.

Beach cricket combines all the best elements of our favourite season – long lazy days, test matches, sun, surf and sand – into the ultimate beach pastime. All you need is a nice flat stretch of beach; some stumps (well, something resembling stumps); a bat and ball; and as many players as you like.

Swap cricket whites for boardies and bathers, grass for sand, Shane Watson for Uncle Jim, and away you go. Beach cricket is democratic – anyone can play, regardless of their age or skill level. It’s also adaptable: you can use sticks or an esky lid for stumps, a tennis ball instead of a cricket ball, and a plastic bat if you don’t have the real thing. Players can opt in and out, too, taking a break while somebody else fills in.

While you can squeeze in a session between surfs, the best beach cricket games are the true epics that begin mid-morning, break for lunch, and continue through until dinner (or when the mozzies become too much). Slather on the sunscreen (or go for old-school white zinc for extra coverage), and dip into the ocean whenever the sizzling summer sun gets too hot. Just get out there and have a bash!

Try these

Beach tennis: Great for two people and much easier than the ‘real’ version!

Beach volleyball: Perfect for bigger groups. Some beaches have nets already set up.

Catch: Use a Waboba, a special ball that skims fast along the water, for extra zip.

Frisbee: Look for a clear stretch of beach to avoid knocking the ice-cream out of someone’s hand.


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