Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But it is possible, as one Melbourne-based family will attest – after driving around Australia, then around the world with two littlies in the back, they’ve released a book on the topic.

Mum Sandra Khazam shares her favourite pointers:

1. Before you go, involve kids in the planning so they know where you are all going and why. Depending on their age, they can also help with looking up things to do and places to stay.

2. Try to structure a trip that makes the journey as fun as the destination. Plan for activities on the way.

3. Have lots of sugar-free snacks in the car, like crackers, fruit and rice snacks. (When their mouths are full they can’t ask “are we there yet?”)

4. Car games (cards, rhyming games etc) are good.

5. Better yet, play car games that relate to the landscapes you are travelling through (I Spy, Spotto).

6. A playlist where everyone chooses some songs helps keep the peace!


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7. Keep daily driving times to a minimum and make sure there’s an activity either side of the driving. For example, have a swim in the morning, drive approximately four hours a day, then go sightseeing in the afternoon.

8. Stopping at playgrounds when you see them is good for a quick release of energy, too.

9. Seat organisers are great for storing books, paper and pencils that can be used while on the road. These hang on the back of the front seats.

10. Plan out an approximate route and itinerary but be flexible enough to take opportunities to deviate when they arise.

Drive Around the World is out now. (Hybrid Publishing, $35.00).

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