In the world of travel Instagram, good pictures are worth not only a thousand words but probably a thousand followers too.

Australian ‘Grammers are telling moderns tales in modern Australian style, each feed with its own idiosyncrasies, techniques and focus. But when everyone is jumping on board the travel Instagram bandwagon, from professional photographers to ‘paid influencers’, who to follow?

Here are 15 Australian Instagram accounts (capturing Australia) who are making a real impression on us @austtraveller (in no particular order)

1. Paul Fleming – @lovethywalrus (42,000 followers)

Highly active professional photographer, started Instagramming his home, Tasmania.
Why: Spectacular shots, incredible visuals, enhanced colours.

2. Gary Norris – @Garry_Norris (129,000 followers)

Gary is a travelling chef based in Surfers Paradise.
Why: Mix of landscape and city, not ‘over styled’, allowing for the raw and natural Australian picture to come out.

3. Lauren Bath – @laurenepbath (383,000 followers)

Considered Australia’s first professional Instagrammer. Describes herself as a ‘social media influencer’ and is expanding her ‘brand’ into seminars and the like.
Why: Bold photographs, stunning locations, highly stylised photographs. Huge following!

4. Tim Denoodle – @denoodle (14,000 followers)

Writer/photographer with a recent debut exhibition called ‘We are Bondi’.
Why: A definite sense of Bondi ‘hipster’ in Denoodle’s Instagram feed, using matte-style filters to capture cool people as much as the scenery.

5. Jewels Zee – @jewelszee (76,000 followers)

Based in Queensland, Jewelszee is an example of someone who migrated from using an iPhone to a D-SLR after she won a photo competition.
Why: From the dessert, to ocean shots, to Noosa sunrises, this feed almost feels like Tourism Australia’s.

6. Pauly Vella – @paulyvella (318,000 followers)

Fixing air-conditioning units by day/by night and weekends Pauly is out Instagramming.
Why: Idyllic seascapes on NSW’s Central Coast and the odd quirky Australian found on a beach somewhere.

7. William Patino – @william_patino (82,000 followers)

Wollongong-based William specialises in landscape photography and dramatic ocean vistas.
Why: Incredible landscape and scenic visuals often shot in interesting and artistic ways.

8. Mark Clinton – @markclinton (66,000 followers)

Mark shoots surfing and Australian landscapes including Kakadu and tropical Queensland.
Why: Stunning underwater shots. Portrays Australia’s landscape in a romantic way.

9. The Love Assembly – @theloveassembly (12,197 followers)

Australian-born blogger Aubrey Daquinag says her shots are a meeting of travel and style. Plenty of international snaps too.
Why: Aesthetic appeals to women. Lots of pastels and beach-inspired Instagrams. Very Sydney.

10. Graham Michael Freeman – @insta_graham23 (16,971 followers)

Partnered with Canon, Graham has been photographing America extensively but is now walking five states of Australia and capturing the experience.
Why: Some amazing outback and coastal Australian shots.

11. Liss Lane – @lifeintheslowlane (16,006 followers)

Liss’s chic, hippie travels around Australia in her 1959 caravan. Some sweet shots from the Kimberley.
Why: Retro beach chic with a grand feminine touch.

12. Matt Glastonbury – @mattglastonbury (84,000 followers)

An established photographer in Tasmania, Matt produces commercial content for major brands such as Nokia, Google and Tourism Tasmania.
Why: Great ‘big outdoors landscapes’, including some brilliant Southern Lights shots.

13. Matt Donovan – @itsworthashot (17,000 followers)

Matt’s website showcases his travels through the Australian landscape. He also offers online camera tutorials.
Why: Moody landscape shots and some great wildlife images too.

14. Mick Tsikas – @mickpix (4,784 followers)

Sydney freelance photo journo who previously worked at Sydney Morning Herald, AAP, Reuters and has won a Walkley award for his images of the Bali 9.
Why: Hard, edgy style, using black and white filters. Bold silhouettes and dark images show Sydney’s other side.

15. Annette Widitz – @dawa_lhamo (35,119 followers)

Sydney based, I-phone-only Instagrammer currently situated in Iran.
Why: Scroll past the stunning shots of Iran and Annette has captured Sydney’s idyllic monuments, street photography in places such as Redfern and images of the vastness of Lake Jindabyne.


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