AT’s buffed up the crystal ball and sipped the magic potion: mmm, Wild Oats Pinot Grigio. We’ve seen what 2011 holds for Aussie travellers. Here’s what will be hot in the coming year.

The Top Travel Trends for 2010

  1. Rise of the Luxury Lodge
  2. Cultural Travels
  3. Retro Style Holidays
  4. Gourmet Gallivanting
  5. Soft Adventure
  6. The Outback
  7. Design Hotels
  8. Expedition Cruising

Hottest Destinations of 2011

Destinations Warming Up in 2011


What we loved in 2010

  1. Editor Elisabeth Knowles’ Picks
  2. Managing Director Quentin Long’s Picks
  3. Director Nigel Herbert’s Picks