The podcast is threatening the book as the number one way to lose yourself and relax on holidays.

Apple recently reported that it has had one billion podcast subscriptions on iTunes since the inception in 2005.

Far from being popularists, we’ve found five thought-inspiring podcasts out of the tonnes available:

1. TEDTalks

Browse some of the intriguing range of TEDTalks topics by the world’s leading thinkers for those who prefer some challenge (and imagination) in their media. What about Michael Green’s ‘Why we should build wooden skyscrapers’; Rodney Brooks on ‘Why we will rely on robots doers’ or Didier Sornette thoughts on ‘How we can predict the next financial crisis.’ Loads to choose from.

2. Funnyman explores WTF

TV host and stand-up comedian Marc Maron delves deep into the question we all end up asking: WTF? Maron, who is a regular on both the David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien shows, explores the question by talking to fellow comics and the “voices in his own head.”

3. Stuff they don’t want you to know

This one deals with all you ever wanted to know about ‘Stuff they don’t want you to know’. Conspiracy theories abound (or are they) from UFO abductions, the Illuminati, to whether the US government actually owns Facebook. Our favourite? ‘It’s true: China actively manipulates the weather.’

4. The Art of Photography

For those looking to sharpen up your travel photography, Ted Forbes has a cast for just about every aspect of the art. From the philosophy behind it, to the new school of thought in composition to the old-school skills in the darkroom. The Art of Photography

5. Daily Boost

And, of course, no holiday would be complete without some pods on self-help. There are plenty of new-age lessons in the ‘Daily Boost’, from ‘The secret to reducing your stress instantly’ to the curiously titled ‘Balance your life like a radio station’.

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