Flying a kite yourself on a deserted beach, controlling its arc as it swoops and swerves in the seabreeze, is one kind of special. But attending one of the spectacular kite festivals held on beaches around the country is another. At events like the Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach, the Adelaide International Kite Festival, the Rosebud Kite Festival in Victoria and the Kirra Kite Festival on Queensland’s Gold Coast, huge crowds flock to the beaches to crook their necks and marvel at the sky as it’s taken over by a riot of kites in all shapes and sizes. Many of the larger festivals run kite-making and flying workshops to get kids involved. Pray for decent winds and be ready to duck if needed.

Try these

Adelaide International Kite Festival,  Easter long weekend 2014, Semaphore Beach, SA.

Rosebud Kite Festival, 8-9 March 2014, Rosebud, Vic.

Festival of the Winds, September 2014, Bondi, NSW.

Kirra Kite Festival, November 2014, Kirra Beach, Qld. 


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