Australians prefer a touch of culture and sightseeing over the good old fashioned beach holiday, but only just, according to an international survey.

The preference for cultural holidays (37 per cent of those polled) only just pipped the 34 per cent of Australian respondents who picked the beach holiday as their reason for travel in Expedia’s ‘Fly and Flop’ report.

Australians are spending an average of between $2,000 and $3,000 on beach holidays, with more than a quarter spending in excess of $150 preparing.

Around one third will purchase a new holiday outfit and around one fifth will opt to exercise and diet to hone their ‘beach body’.

Once there, Australians split there time between ‘laid-back’ activities, such as walking (83 per cent) and swimming (67 per cent), with the most popular off-beach activities (in order): eating, exploring cultural sites and, of course, shopping.

Most Australians polled (64 per cent) preferred to book their holidays on the internet.