The 10 most welcoming towns in Australia revealed

Emily Murphy found her passion for writing at a young age and knew her future was in travel after she moved overseas solo at 18. Em loves to write about tips and tricks and anything that will ignite a desire in more people to explore the vastness and beauty that is Australia. She is a devoted bun mum who spends her free time by the sea, on skates and exploring Sydney's dining scene.

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Comments (5)
  • Avatar John says:

    There must be some welcoming little towns in NSW

  • Avatar Ted Reedy says:

    Well !
    Five of the ten friendly towns are in Queensland with two in Victoria, two in WA, one in SA and none in NSW. We must be a real bunch of grumpy guts – what will it take for us to lift our game?

  • Avatar Alexis Lander says:

    All these towns sound absolutely delightful however what does it say about NSW that not one is from there?

  • Avatar pamela elaraj says:

    I have been to 5 of the towns listed, big one you missed is Moonta on the York Peninsula, it’s a great little town has something for everyone, plus beautiful beaches.
    My Mum lives around there we have spent many glorious holidays in the area.

  • Avatar Margaret Freemantle says:

    My father was born on Tamborine Mountain in 1917. His family ran the Post office and also the bus that ran from Tamborine to Brisbane. He tells how aboriginal families and whites looked after each other and that they all lived in harmony with the rainforest.
    Development there is so sad and never ever ought to have been allowed