There’s a lot to be said for swapping traffic for tranquility; Twitter for tweets. (Real ones.)

In fact, new research by Roy Morgan suggests one in five Australians want an eco-tourism experience on their next holiday.

Lucky there are brand-new eco pavilions at Mt Cotton Retreat, set amongst 20 hectares in the Gold Coast hinterland. Built in a natural clearing (only two trees were cut down), they come with rainwater tanks, LED lights, sustainable bamboo flooring and low-energy appliances.

Port Davey Wilderness Camp in Tasmania’s remote south-west, is also launching a new three-day eco-tour this November. The tour is based in an area free from roads or other signs of development, and includes walks to untouched beaches and remote waterways, while learning about the local Aboriginal history.

Or you can always escape to luxury lodge Saffire Freycinet in Tassie’s Freycinet National Park, where you can undergo an eTox (that’s digital detox). The $3600 package includes the Downtime Massage for messaged-out fingers and desk-weary bodies, yoga classes, and daily activities to keep the mind busy… with not a screen in sight.

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