The best rooftop bars in Australia



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  • lexie beardmore says:

    I enjoy your hard copy magazine very much and eagerly wait for it to hit my local woolworths magazine shelf. I only travel in Australia by train boat and car bus tram as i do not fly.
    I also enjoy your website. I get so many hints of where to go from Australian magazines including your own. I am Western Australian and was disappointed to see on the web issue your writeup on Bob’s Bar and I quote “125 Street George’s Terrace”. Our main business street is Saint George’s Terrace and we are very proud of our City streets and like them to be known by their correct title. Please correct as you dont usually make too many errors.
    i am in my 60s and on a limited income but your magazine is one I can’t miss and pass on to family and friends.
    Kind regards

  • lexie beardmore says:

    I forgot to say thank you for including Bob’s Bar. Their cocktails are delicious.
    Lexie Beardmore

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