50 greatest Aussie country pubs you have to visit



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  • Sean Riedel says:

    How about The Rabbit Trap Hotel
    1 Federation Rd
    Albert nsw

  • Tim says:

    Was closed for 7 years over the time of this article, but check out the transformation of the Commercial Boutique Hotel in Tenterfield – New England Tablelands… Stunning Art Deco restoration, great food and pours local craft beers & wines… a real salvation for an old hotel that was almost lost. Kudos to the family that took a chance on it. Tenterfield looks a different place now!

  • Alan Shorten says:

    If only I had the time too travel to all of the above mentioned pups. Although I am retired, I shall visit some as they all are totally Australian. All with their own great character and the locals who frequent them all have stories to tell. It would be a real experience to chat with them. Only in the outback can you find such historic watering holes.

  • Alan England says:

    I have just reset my bucket list after reading this. My wife’s not going to be happy at all.
    Good bye Floriade, and all the botanical gardens in Australia.

  • Neil Sweetman says:

    Certainly makes me feel like getting in the car and visiting some of these places if not for the cold beer but for the history of each