Don’t feel bad asking for your hotel concierge for some extra towels, you’d be surprised what other guests ask for.


Peter McBrearty – Concierge at The Langham Hotel, Melbourne
The manager of a well-known US singer contacted us prior to his arrival, wanting to source an Australian flying fox skeleton in a case – something that was a little problematic given they are a protected species and accordingly once located would have involved a number of issues in terms of trying to have one shipped out of Australia. Fortunately some research turned up an Australian flying fox skeleton in a case that was already in the US and we shipped it to his office.

Jaime Lachs – Concierge at Westin, Sydney
A guest from New York wanted to visit Sky Tower in Auckland, just for the day. He thought New Zealand was just part of Australia. I explained it was a different country and roughly a three-hour flight away, but he was determined. Shortly after, I had booked last minute flights, made other arrangements in NZ and he was on his way.

Nick Gastaldin – Chief Concierge at Stamford Plaza, Brisbane
I was asked to organise a proposal. I flew a couple by helicopter to South Stradbroke Island, where (as requested) we arranged rocks to spell out ‘marry me’ and then flew the newly engaged – and very happy – couple back.

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