You’ve seen the ads on television, but will you always get the best price with Jetstar? We put the famous Price Beat Guarantee to the ultimate test… three times.

Determined to hold onto the unofficial title of ‘Australia’s cheapest airline’, you may have noticed that Jetstar regularly advertises a Price Beat Guarantee in which it promises to beat all (comparable) competitor and third party website flights by 10 per cent.

This means that a couple of extra minutes of shopping around can save you some serious cash.

The conditions:

  1. The flight you would like to match must be a direct flight using the exact same airports.
  2. The two flights must leave within an hour of each other for domestic flights, and the same condition is applied to flights between Australia and New Zealand or within Asia.
  3. If you’re flying internationally, the flights only need to be within the same calendar day.
  4. Unfortunately, all flights must leave more than seven days from applying for a price beat, so no last minute trip.

I had one big realisation as a result of taking part in this process: unlike a similar promotion with Bunnings (or the like) you don’t actually need to find the cheaper product, using this search will bring up anything comparatively cheaper. How much more attractive is that as a tool?


Follow these steps to apply for a Jetstar price beat:

  1. Visit the Price Beat Guarantee page on the Jetstar website.
  2. Click on the ‘apply now’ button.
  3. Fill out the form and provide the airports, date and time of the Jetstar flight you would like to beat.
  4. Check your email for a response regarding the outcome of your application. This should only take a few minutes.
  5. If successful, follow the link provided to complete the booking and payment. The new price will only be held for 60 minutes so make sure you are ready to pay immediately. Baggage can be added after this point in ‘manage your booking’.
  6. If unsuccessful, this might be because either flight was ineligible or no cheaper flights could be found at that time.

I tested out the guarantee for you and had varying results.

Test one: SYD > BRIS one-way

I applied for a Sydney to Brisbane flight in May this year at 2pm that would normally cost $71 with Jetstar. I found that Tigerair also had the same flight leaving at 2.55pm for $64.95. My application was successful as all airports were the same, the flight was direct and leaving only 55 minutes later, making the cost of my Jetstar flight just $58.46.

I saved: $12.54

Test two: SYD > MELB (return)

I also applied for return flights from Sydney to Melbourne (Tullamarine) in June 2018. The first flight with Jetstar would leave Sydney at 10.20am and cost $99. The return flight was to leave Melbourne at 3.20pm and was $149. Tigerair had a SYD–MEL flight at 10.15am for $73.95 and a MEL–SYD flight at 3.30pm for $129.95. My application was successful and the Jetstar price came down from $248 to $183.52. This success came as a bit of a surprise for me because the terms and conditions require a ‘direct and one-way’ flight but the application form gives the option between return and one-way flights and gave me the correct discount – so who are we to complain?

I saved: $64.48

SYD > BALI (one-way)

I submitted an unsuccessful application for an international Jetstar Sydney to Bali (Denpasar) flight on 4 September 2018 at 10.20am for $326. There were a number of AirAsia flights from Sydney to Bali for $239 leaving on the same calendar day (as per the terms and conditions). However, each of these Jetstar and AirAsia flights included two flights and a stopover and thus were ineligible as they were not direct, non-stop flights.

I saved: nothing.

I found the Price Beat Guarantee deal to be most effective for the more common domestic routes such as Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to the Gold Coast, Brisbane to Sydney and Brisbane to Melbourne.

While international flights are eligible for the Price Beat Guarantee, I generally found that Jetstar is already the cheapest flight available or either Jetstar or the competing airline have connections and stopovers and are therefore ineligible for the promotion.