Georgia Rickard is discovering  countless options to spoil her two ‘furry children’.

According to a Skyscanner survey of more than 1000 dog owners undertaken in July this year, women miss their dogs while travelling, more than they miss family or friends.

This doesn’t surprise me, mostly because I’m one of said owners (though, like so many others, I prefer the term ‘parent’), but also because the world has officially gone dog crazy.

The signs are everywhere.

I first noticed it a few years ago, when I realised that there were several cafes in Sydney dedicated to dogs – Chew Chew café at Wollstonecraft, with its regularly changing menu (fish soup, chicken wings, goat’s yoghurt jelly…) and Café Bones at Leichardt, which serves ‘pupacinos’ with recipe so secret that staff are reportedly required to sign a non-disclosure form before learning how to make it – being the two that my dogs have visited.

Then I stayed at the Soho Grand in New York, and was impressed – and a little intimidated – to see two glamorous guests walking a giant hound named Hugo into the lift up to their room.

Apparently Hugo ‘goes everywhere’ with them.

These days, locals have been bitten by the bow wow bug, too. Domestically, Virgin has added a frequent flyer points roster for pets to their program.

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The country’s most recognisable holiday park brand, Big4, has just announced that 50 (50!) of their parks welcome dogs.

And one of Sydney’s most exclusive hotels, the Langham, has announced a dedicated pet-friendly set of rooms, complete with baby-sitting services and a room service menu.

Even the Australian Traveller offices have been affected, with Kingston the schmoodle and Alfie the schoodle such regulars guests that they know which floor of the lift to get out on. (No guesses as to whom Kingston and Alfie belong to…)

The caveat on this good news, of course, is that making Australia more pet-friendly is really only good news if your furry child is a well-behaved furry child.

My rules? No biting, no moulting, no fleas and no wees. Easy!