Friday Thinking - Are We Racist When It Comes To Good Service?



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  • Robin says:

    Actually I wouldn’t want anyone to dust off my boots regardless of nationality. In Fiji if the room is not done when I return I just make the bed and tidy up and don’t worry. If Qantas offer me pjs in business class I say no thanks give it to someone who wants them. I don’t like subservience but I do love a smile and friendly service. I invariably talk more to staff than other guests as I find them more relatable. I guess when you have worked with customers you are more thoughtful of how you treat others.

  • Scott says:

    Im an Australian living abroad, working for one of the worlds most renowned international Airlines. It is part of asian culture to be sub-servant, and agreeable I prefer service in Australia because it is real and you are served by a human rather than a robot. Asian service may be more friendly but it is not genuine. Of course there are exceptions and i am being very general, But i am someone who works along side 150+ nationalities and also serves them. Different nationalities have different service styles each of them unique and a product of there culture. Australians have a unique service personality which is grounded and genuine and i would prefer that any day to a forced smile.

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