The evidence is everywhere: retro-styled holidays and budgets are on the rise.

Retro Evidence One: Witness the revival of youth hostels. Long gone are the days where stinking socks-and-sandal-wearing backpackers occupied flea-bitten foam mattresses on bunk beds. Those were the days when luxury was a restful night, not being disturbed by the sweaty flatulence of a neighbour or the spring-bouncing joy of a newly met couple.
The YHA of today is sophistication for the budget conscious – clean, tidy, comfortable and extremely well-positioned. City YHAs are influencing the entire hostel market; the top end is now, in fact, an affordable hotel. Take the recently launched Bounce Hotel in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills, opposite Central Station. A double room with ensuite is larger than the Pensione Sydney, but cheaper.

Retro Evidence Two: Caravans and RVs have made their comeback, now the tent is making like Michael J Fox and heading back to the future. Remember those heavy-duty canvas tents that take half a day to construct using cumbersome, weighty poles? They’re back. The sturdy constructions do benefit from better waterproofing, but give parents the same camping trauma they endured as children.

Retro Evidence Three: No longer the sole domain of grey nomads, caravan parks are attracting younger generations on the hunt for clean, simple and affordable holidays. Holiday cabins are increasingly a viable option for those in search of a holiday home experience.

Retro Prediction: With water in the Murray, South Australian house-boating holidays are making a comeback.

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