interviewing Kimberley Busteed

Arrival Gate Five Minute Q&A


WHO // Kimberley Busteed

WHAT // 18-year-old Kimberley was crowned Miss Universe Australia in April 2007 at Burswood Entertainment Complex in Perth.

WHERE // Currently lives in Gladstone, Qld. But who knows after this? The sky’s the limit.

Australian place every Australian MUST see? Definitely the Great Barrier Reef.

Faourite Secret Australian hideaway? Facing Island near Gladstone. But shhh – it’s a secret!


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Most embarrassing travel moment? I’ve had a few. One includes boarding the plane and disrupting every passenger with my dress bags while doing it, than panicking thinking I’d left my mobile at the security point. I told the flight attendants and had them run round madly trying to locate it, only it was in my pocket the whole time. Also, after leaving the plane and heading to a new gate for my connecting flight, I left my ticket in my magazine in the back of the seat in front of me. Clever, hey? I had to get the poor flight attendants to run back on the tarmac to the plane to retrieve it!

Best travel tip you’ve ever heard? Sleep! I’m like a little kid on plane flights; I get really edgy and excited about arriving at the destination so I need someone to chat to or something to keep me occupied, or alternatively, to sleep. Also, lots of water.

Worst person you’ve ever sat next to on a flight? My little sis. She’s beautiful, but there comes a time when you just need to walk away – which is hard on a plane. She can become very over excited

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