The classic Boys’ Weekend Away is a near-sacred tradition. Often difficult to negotiate with partners and loved ones, they are hard earned and come at a high cost – in brownie points at the very least. Here then is a little Mancation inspiration: the best of the best of boys’ weekends in Australia. So unwind, enjoy, and remember . . . it’s all in the name of manly fun. Words by AT Staff, edited by Craig Roberts.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in an increasingly feminised and emasculated Australia, growing numbers of men are seeking temporary asylum from their better halves in order to undertake the mandatory deprogramming necessary to reassert their manhood. Albeit temporarily.

So strap yourself in and get ready to explore a world that isn’t overshadowed by a giant thumb. A world where silence among friends is not seen as something to be analysed and questioned incessantly. A world free of duty and full of unsupervised shenanigans characterised by a terminal lack of planning, a surplus of whiskey and beer, some kind of sporting pursuit (involving sweat) and getting dirty while catching and charring animal flesh over an open fire.

We like to call it a boys’ weekend away. But the pony-tailed marketing gurus have jumped on the latest passing buzzword bandwagon and re-branded it for us all . . . Welcome to Mancation


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