365 days a year, mothers around Australia put their kids first, so, this year AT has come up with some very special gifts for all those tireless providers we call mum, writes Cameron Blair.
If you’re like me then you’re always in a debate with your friends about who has the greatest mum. Mother’s day provides us with a day to spoil that special woman in our lives and a chance to one up our friends and or siblings in giving a gift that will outshine and surpass anything else she gets that day.

While we may not tell our mums how much we love and appreciate them for all their hard work we can perhaps delay the aging process for a day by doing something that makes her feel special (and us less guilty).

We’re not saying get a tattoo of “mum” on your arm (although I know someone who did). And we aren’t saying blow all your cash on an outrageous trip to Antarctica. (although that would be very cool) We recommend keeping it simple and whatever your choice, make sure it’s not something from that cheesy two dollar shop down the road.

So, have a look at some of these ideas, take your pick and have a blast with good ol’ mum.

A food (room) with a view
Astral Restaurant, Sydney, NSW

It’s the one day mum should have a break from the kitchen, and award-winning chef, Sean Connolly and his kitchen crew at both Astral and Sean’s Kitchen are offering to cook up a meal for mum on Sunday, May 10. There’s the formal take on things of enjoying a long lunch above the Sydney skylines with a three-course meal. From $85; children for $35
Bookings call 1800 700 700.

Gift giving via cyber space
Red Balloon, Vic & NSW

This year, look beyond the short-term and give mum a memory she can keep as a lasting reminder of your appreciation for her. Experimental gifting with RedBalloon – Australia’s leading online gift provider – offers a range of over 2,000 gift ideas. If your mum loves adventure the guys at RedBalloon are offering a Siberian husky dog sled expedition. A bit far fetched, but who knows.
Information call 1300 87 55 00

All wrapped up
Mummies Day on Mother’s Day, Sydney, NSW

A scientific journey into the prehistoric ancient Egyptian culture could be two things: Exciting or incredibly boring. Demonstrate your meticulous scientific side and come check out the archaeological excavations at the University of Sydney’s historic carillon.
Bookings call (02) 9351 2812

Eat with the fishes – fresh sushi anyone?
Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne, Vic

Feed mum to the shar… err… Show mum the illusive Melbourne fish prison this Mothers Day, the Melbourne Aquarium are hosting a champagne breakfast for the first time. Afterwards, you can jump on a tour to see some of the imprisoned sharks that have lost all sense of freedom and not to mention hope. From $65 per adult, $25 per child 3-15 years and Children under three are free.
Bookings call (03) 9923 5915

Send Mum packing
Marriott Hotel, Brisbane, QLD

The Marriott Hotel in Brisbane is offering an inclusive overnight at their hotel. They’re also claiming to give out free champagne and chocolates. Two things that my mum definitely adores. We aren’t saying give mum a kick in the pants and tell her to bugger off for the weekend, although that would be tempting… From $295.00. Alternatively, they have a buffet breakfast and/or a seafood lunch. Breakfast From $40 – $50. Lunch $65 adults and $30 children.
Bookings call (07) 3303 8000

Give her something cheesy
Camembert Cheese Making, Bangalow, NSW

If your mum loves cheese like mine does then an all day cheese making class could just what the doctor ordered. Cheese ninja Justin Telfer, cheese maker at Bangalow Cheese Co, will guide you through the crafty art of how to make Camembert. At the end of the day, with just enough theory and science under your belt, mum will be ready to make her very own cheese using everyday household items and kitchen utensils. From $150
Bookings call (02) 6687 2799

An hour away keeps the mothers at bay

Ayurve, Sydney. NSW

When I look around town [Sydney] I notice a lot of woman take a lot of time out of their lives to make themselves look beautiful. This is a good thing for two reasons: 1) It shows that our Australian women take care of themselves. 2) Beauticians are making a fortune. Just think, of that hour of solitude away from mum. Mmmm Solitude. From $110
Bookings call (02) 8297 4800

Nationwide Things To Do

No matter where you live in Australia, (except maybe the Simpson Desert) you will be able to take mum out and do one of these things mentioned below. Some are simple and easy while others may take a bit of effort to do. Either way we have provided a few things for all sorts of people.

Photo Shoot

In Australia it’s easy to notice that people aren’t the slightest bit shy. Taking mum out for a day shoot at a local photography studio could be a cool way to enjoy mother’s day. Also, the whole family could get in on this and it could make for a very enjoyable experience.


Yeah it’s simple and it has been done a million times. But, no matter what, mum will blush when see receives a large (or small, if you’re a cheapskate) bouquet of daffodils. Of course, they don’t have to be daffodils; they can be whatever you want. Just make sure they are alive and they are not a bunch of weeds you pulled out of the neighbour’s garden.


If your mum is like mine then this mother’s day will be a success. Forrest Gump once said that life is like a box of chocolates. But rather than “never knowing what you’re going to get” then why don’t you a customized box of chocolates especially for your mum. Check out your local Lindt or any of the shops that make Belgium chocolate.

A Home Cooked Meal

Cooking is a skilful ability. Those who can do it well are highly respected and sometimes well paid. Those of us, who aren’t professional, but have some skill in the kitchen can impress mum while she sits back and relaxes on the couch sipping a glass of red wine. Pick up a cook book and show mum your talents. It’s thoughtful and demonstrates effort.

Gift Hamper

Boutique company, Snowgoose, specialises in providing premium quality fruit gift boxes. And this May, they have tailored a selection of gift boxes just for mum. You have the choice of four boxes; the mixed fruit box, after dinner delights, la grande mixed fruit box with bubbly & chocolates. Each one is packed in a rustic wooden gift box with the freshest seasonal fruits and sweet treats. From $40.
Orders Call 1800 803 570.

Online Travel Treats

Macquarie dictionary defines lazy as someone who is resistant to work or exertion. And if this sounds like you Ciao Bella can provide that “click – I thought of you” instant satisfaction. So go check it out, click the button and go back to watching TV on the couch. They’ve got a huge range of ideas from hampers to travel accessories.
Orders Call (07) 3368 3112

Five Ideas That Don’t Cost a Thing

The funny thing about mother’s day is people always think it has to be expensive or ridiculously over-the-top – it doesn’t, in fact; some of the best gifts are absolutely free. Mum’s are shy, believe it or not, and don’t necessarily want to be the centre of attention – that’s our job right? Here is a list of five freebies that may have more charm than an expensive day out.

1) Park: Take mum to the park and wonder around. You would be surprised how a simple gesture could be just the thing. Most mothers just want a bit of piece and quiet and time to spend with their son or daughter. Sit on the slide and chat and enjoy the atmosphere. Either way mum will love the fact that she is simply spending time with you.

2) Beach: With over 8000 beaches in Australia it’s nearly impossible, if you live on the coast, to find one that you don’t like. It may not suit all moms, but if it does, take a stroll along the beach and go for a plunge in the sea. But make sure you come back, un-like our ex-prime minister Harold Holt.

3) Drive:
If you have a car, then take mum out for a drive. Perhaps a drive around town or a cruise to the beach. Fortunately, it will be a Sunday and there will be minimal traffic and that’s a good thing because this special day should be stress free.

4) Hike: Nature is an amazing part of the Australian culture. We got it all, beach, mountains, desert, forest, bush, lakes, and many more that I’m sure you could think up. If your mother is into the whole nature thing then check out your local information centre on where to roam.

5) Bike Ride: You’re probably laughing at how silly this is. Your also probably thinking: Who, since the 70’s, goes for bike rides? But it’s coming back in a big way. I see these old vintage bike shops popping up all over town. Anyways, it’s a great way to stay in shape and a good way to spend time with mum