Australian Traveller’s ultimate guide to kids’ holidays — designed by the kids themselves!

We’ve turned the tables on this whole thing and gone straight to the source. What sorts of things do Aussie kids want to do? Where do they want to go? From the mouths of babes, it’s the ultimate kids holiday guide.

“I want to go to Darwin to see the crocodiles.”

– Ashley, aged 5, Mt Martha Vic


”I’d go to Melbourne to visit my uncle. We would go to the beach and play volleyball and go to Luna Park and go on all the rides. We would stay in a hotel and have room service.”

– Kaitlyn, aged 8, Balga WA


“I would like to go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, because I would like to see all the fish and the sea creatures in the water and all the pretty seaweed and coral and sponges.”


– Holly, aged 8, Safety Beach Vic

“Africa, because it’s got good animals. I would see birds, elephants and snakes. I would get to meet an African girl and we would play games, like tip. I like the country because you get to eat pineapples and get to climb up trees so I can see the view.”

– Holly, aged 7, Narrabeen North NSW


 “I want to go and see the statues of the dinosaurs.”

– Natas, aged 3, Quakers Hill NSW


“I would like to visit Santa in the North Pole and ask him if his boots get hot in Australia.”

– Morgan, aged 6, Mount Barker SA



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