Experience No.027 in Australian Traveller’s 100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences
In France, you can roll up to any old supermarket and find that it will stock fresh baguettes and aged Gorgonzola. New Yorkers use delis like Dean and Delucca for gourmet goodies, while the Italians just pull down salami from the smoking shed out the back. Here in Australia, there’s no place better to go than Simon Johnson Quality Foods.

“An innovator now an icon. An influential contributor to changing tastes in Australia by making many products available for the first time.” – Alla Wolf-Tasker

From his flagship site at Pyrmont, Johnson’s in-store fromagerie and well-stocked pantry have changed the Australian foodie scene. Now we can pop down to the local Simon Johnson for lunch. Eight locations in NSW, Victoria, Qld and WA stock everything from Johnson’s brand name couscous to award-winning aged cheddar wheels from Devon.

Johnson fought long and hard to ensure we could get in on the action, convincing the French, Italians and Swiss that the Australian market was ready for the good stuff. He’s your man for fish, fruit, spices, chocolate, condiments, pasta, pecorino and even shampoo – but only of the finest quality.

Long-time cheese advocate and master of fromage Will Stubbs makes selections for the fromagerie, while Johnson scours the planet for the best artisan goods.

When he’s at home, Johnson runs TALK + EAT + DRINK cooking seminars out the back of his stores.

Did you know: Simon Johnson began his career as a chef in New Zealand before jumping ship for our shores.

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