Few things say summer like a swanky new pair of Speedos. But Australia’s favourite swimwear brand has come a long way since launching its first woollen cossie 85 years ago.

Since then we’ve seen a host of milestones and questionable fashion statements, from the revolutionary Racerback, which got Australian gold medallist Clare Dennis
in hot water at the 1932 Olympics for ‘showing too much shoulder’, to the ever-divisive budgie smugglers.

Causing more controversy was the Speedo bikini, which was banned by beach inspectors during the tail-end of the ’40s. But it wasn’t until 1957, when the brand released togs in the new wonder fabric nylon, that Speedo revolutionised the swimwear industry… and professional swimming.

By the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Speedos were available in over 100 countries and 83 per cent of all swimming medals were won by Speedo-wearing competitors, namely the ‘Fast-Skin’ swimsuit, which was inspired by shark skin.

This summer however, we’re most excited about collaboration between Speedo and Aquabumps photographer Eugene Tan, culminating in a new range featuring prints of some of Tan’s most-loved shots of Bondi Beach. From $50 for separates, or $135 for one-piece swimsuits. See speedo.com.au

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