Looks like Australian Traveller’s Instagram community has been loving their summer holidays to death. The colours that have been passing through @austtraveller (from both us and our talented followers), proves beyond any debate that Australia is the most diverse place on earth to travel around and get your eye-candy fix.

Help us discover more vibrancy by hashtagging the best of your travel-related Instagrams with #austtravellermag. Meanwhile, here are the pick of the ‘grams that made us smile In January (seems like we’re particularly loving Tassie this month)!

1. The Breakaways, Coober Pedy
Sure it’s hot out here but the sexy sandstone shades of the artfully beautiful ‘Breakaways’ are just so damn cool! This mind-blowing landscape is 30km north of South Australia’s Coober Pedy.

2. Poles apart, Melbourne
Superb and just a little bit trippy post-holiday snap from@jarrodhydephotography – taken from Port Melbourne. He’s just returned from his travels around Tassie. Tough for some.

3. Blue oyster bar, Tasmania’s east coast
Simple, fresh and perfect way to start the weekend on Tassie’s east coast – that’s if you’re oyster fan. Outstanding colours from the legendary @maxdoylephotography

4. Turtle nursery, Mon Repos beach, Queensland
Tentative first steps (or are they flips?). This bubba Loggerhead turtle struggles towards the sea on Mon Repos beach (near Bundaberg). Privileged! From the prolific @laurenepbath

5. A Coral dunescape
Loving this dunescape at Gnaraloo on the Coral Coast.@waexplorer reckons these dunes almost make up for not having any snowy mountains in Western Australia. Almost.

6. Aurora lights up the south
The Southern Lights are popping up their pretty little faces at the moment down in Tassie. Thanks to Aurora Australis chaser @kathrynleahy

7. City in pink
This no-filter snap shows that you don’t have go to the outback to see the legendary pink lakes of Australia. @lauraalycebell dips her shoes in at Melbourne’s Docklands! Seriously wow! Not toxic either, as one follower quipped.

8. Bussleton beauty
Geographe Bay certainly shaking its beauty… a little bitty piece of the 2km long Bussleton Jetty, 220km south-west of Perth (longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere).

9. The pinnacle of yacht hiking
Our view from the very, very top of ‘Bishop and Clerk’ (620 steep metres above sea level) on Maria Island, off Tassie’s east coast. Yes, we hiked up here. And, yes, we finished the day with a three-course gourmet dinner on a 75ft luxury yacht. Nice shot@elliottjameselliott