Australian Traveller has been saying it for years: “There’s nothing like Australia”. Now Tourism Australia has got in on the act (not before it’s too late) and is inviting Australians to tell them their favourite Australian experiences for their new campaign.
So to win loads of prizes and help sell Australia to the world, Tourism Australia is inviting you to tell them exactly how “there’s nothing like Australia” by uploading your image and favourite experiences.

So, having been at it for five years, telling Australians exactly how There’s Nothing Like Australia, we have you covered with all the inspiration you need to find your special Australian experience.

We reckon you should start with these favourite issues:

100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences


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Now that we have the creative juices flowing, here are our staff picks for the There’s Nothlng Like Australia promotion, which begins on April 15.

Greg Barton, Editor

There Nothing Like Lord Howe Island.

Seriously, check out this yarn on the 10 Ridiculously Amazing Things To Do On Lord Howe Island

Quentin Long, Director

There nothing like Garma

You want to travel to see and experience new cultures, you ain’t seen culture like this before at the Garma Festival. Check out the Karma of Garma yarn.