Roughing it when you go glamping (or camping)? Pah – not with these new camping-age gadgets.

1. Coleman Tall Boy Air Lumbar

Gone are the days of a sturdy log to park your rump, with camping chairs now coming with more contraptions than a Bond car. The Coleman Tall Boy instalment comes with adjustable air lumbar support system, complete with pump, and a foldaway side table with cup holder. $119.

2. The Napsack by Poler Camping

This crafty invention comes with zippers at the shoulders to stick your arms out, hood to keep your noggin warm, cinch at the bottom to air your feet and the option to wear it as a trendy (!) coat. There’s also a phone-sized chest pocket with hole for your headphones in the Napsack. $130

3. Coleman Hot Water on Demand

The thing we miss most when camping? Hot showers. This baby goes from zero to hot in less than five seconds, is fully portable, can heat up to 150 litres of water, and has a rechargeable battery. Hot stuff. $399.99 + $19.99 for the shower adaptor.

4. ROK Espresso Maker

It might not churn out your half-almond milk, half-unicorn tears, single-origin ristretto, but the ROK Espresso Maker does produce a decent cup of rocket fuel. It comes with its own filter, stainless steel milk frother, combined coffee scoop, tamper, and 10-year warranty. $199.

5. Braven BRV-1

Blare the Stones and charge your phone at the same time: first-world problem solved. Water-resistant, shock absorbent and palm-sized, the Braven BRV-1 speaker has 12-hour play time and Bluetooth, so you can play your devices wirelessly. $99.99.

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