Where do your single friends sneak away to be, well, um, intimate with each other when they should be watching every single minute of your expensive hotel wedding reception?

A survey has revealed that the elevator is the most common initial hook-up spot for singles during a hotel-based wedding.

In second comes the relative seclusion of the conference room, followed by late-night favourite the pool.

About three quarters of single respondents to travel-dating site MissTravel.com’s poll said they had hooked up somewhere besides the hotel room.

Sixty-seven per cent admitted to getting together even before the cake was cut, presumably when it is done at the end of the evening.

“Attending a wedding alone means two things for singles: open bar and an all day reminder that you’re still single,” says Brandon Wade of MissTravel.com.

“But many seize this opportunity to find a new connection, with a like-minded single who is more receptive to finding a new love interest, even if just for the night.”

One in three said they have taken the hook-up through to its ultimate conclusion.

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