Why I hate Valentine's Day and what to do about it.



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  • Carolyn Managh says:

    You think you’ve got issues. My Valentine date got run down by a kangaroo! http://www.tweedteaandwellies.com/valentines-day-mystery-man-some-passing-clouds/

    • Yasser says:

      We just checked the “The Runaway Valentine” out from our ilrbary and I think its hysterical! Have you seen “Sweet Hearts” by Jan Carr? It’s the nicest little rhyming book about a young panda hiding Valentine’s cards for his parents to find — “One heart on the bathroom mirror, one heart in a shoe, one heart by my Mommy’s mug, to tell her ‘I love YOU’ –It is too cute and my daughter (3) just adores it! We plan on doing this on Feb. 14 to surprise our “Daddy panda,” heehee!Will we be seeing any Silly Eagle Book crafts to go along with Valentine’s Day?!

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