10 local secret things to do in Byron Bay

22 September 2021

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  • Roderick Charles says:

    Great tips Graham, but then you had plenty of time to research them 😉

    When folks talk about Scuba diving in Australia, they automatically think Great Barrier Reef. I went with one of the local operators to Julian Rocks, just offshore and had one of my best dives ever. Tons of marine life including moray eels, Steve Irwin-sized stingrays, Grey Nurse Sharks, a turtle, big fish like wrasse and grouper and funny little buggers like leopard sharks and wobbygongs. Brilliant.

    Oh, and the restaurant at The Byron at Byron is now open to the public.

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  • Jimmy says:

    Lovely article and many good spots mentioned, thank you for taking the time to compile such a list. I might point out though (purely as constructive criticism due to severe personal disappointment after reading the article), your list of “secret” things to do in Byron includes the most well-known licensed venue in the town (right outside the visitors centre) as well as taking surf lessons (In one of the most well-known surf towns) and going to the WEEKLY farmers market. You guys should either rename the article or get to know your town better. I’ve lived here for over a year now and I’m pretty sure I discovered most of those places and activities in the first 48 hours without doing any specific searching or having any prior knowledge of the Bay. There are a couple of spots I didn’t know about on the list but the others are full-blown tourist attractions that EVERYONE (tourists included – I live with a lot of backpackers) all know about. I don’t mean to be contrary or negative towards your otherwise well-written article however if you’re going to be responsible for giving out information about our beautiful local area to the masses, please be accurate and don’t give them the impression that some of these “secret things” are anything more than well-advertised activities and places that can be found right in town with no research whatsoever and thus don’t deserve a place on a list of “secret things to do in Byron”.