The 16 best secret swimming spots in Sydney

Kristie Lau-Adams is a Gold Coast-based freelance writer after working as a journalist and editorial director for almost 20 years across Australia's best-known media brands including The Sun-Herald, WHO and Woman's Day. She has spent significant time exploring the world with highlights including trekking Japan’s life-changing Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage and ziplining 140 metres above the vines of Mexico’s Puerto Villarta. She loves exploring her own backyard (quite literally, with her two young children who love bugs), but can also be found stalking remote corners globally for outstanding chilli margaritas and soul-stirring cultural experiences.

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  • Robert Fearnside says:

    Thanks for this great site. I have lived in Sydney all my life and didn’t know about some of these wonderful beaches. I think it might be worth adding that some are not patrolled by lifeguards for those tourists who swim poorly, especially places like Bungan Beach that is one of the most dangerous beaches on the North Shore. I know because I was a life saver at the neighbouring beach, Newport. Some other great beaches you may want to consider for an upgrade or additional site are: Clontarf and the many lovely swimming beaches, many isolated on the walk from The Spit to Manly; Balmoral Beach; Kilcare Beach, Central Coast; The many wonderful beaches on the Royal National Park Coast walk. Hope this helps. Thank you.