Tim Morris laps up Adelaide’s Central Market with his whole heart…and stomach
They say that home is where the heart is. They also say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well I say that I am home (and in love) when at Adelaide’s Central Market.

Located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, the Central Market is one of the city’s great iconic treasures. It is one of the best fresh produce markets in Australia, and from what I have seen, the world.
With the added convenience of it operating six days a week, the Central Market is truly a food lover’s heaven.

The local market began in 1869 and has been housed in the Adelaide Central Market building since it was constructed in 1900.
Today it encompasses over 80 foodstalls, selling everything from crisp fruit and vegetables, to fresh seafood, award-winning smallgoods, artisan breads, top-quality cheeses from around the world and an array of specialty goods.

You don’t have to travel to distant corners of the globe to experience a diverse range of cultures and tastes; Central Market offers the world on a plate.
The sights, smells, buzz of stall holders and excitement of shoppers is an experience to savour. It absorbs you into a foodie paradise, an escape from the busy bustle of city life, and a refuge for the hungry where you can let your tastebuds run wild.

There are shops devoted to health food, organic produce, herbs, spices and more. From Eastern European delicatessens to Asian grocers.

With so much on offer, the market has expanded beyond the original building, spreading east through Market Plaza, connecting with Chinatown and extending west through Market Arcade towards Victoria Square.
Chinatown alone provides a smorgasbord of diverse eateries, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Korean cuisine, enhancing the market experience even further.

The Markets also comprise a host of cafes offering some of the best coffee in Adelaide, as well as the city’s oldest pizza bar, Lucia’s.
This retro-style café was the first to serve pizza in Adelaide back in 1957. Since then it has become an Adelaide institution, with queues for tables not an uncommon sight on Friday evenings.
A little more unusual is Taldy-Kurgan, an eastern European café specialising in pirozhki – deep fried, meat-filled Russian doughnuts that are a heart attack-inducing morsel of utter deliciousness.

Whether it’s shopping up a storm or grabbing a tasty snack, the Central Market provides everything one could possibly need.

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