Seeing Lake Eyre - the where, what, when and how

22 May 2024

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  • Tony Gay says:

    Water is flowing through the Diamantina, Cooper, Warburton rivers into the lake basin
    Does this mean that there will be water in the lake areas throughout 2016?
    When do you expect the lakes to reach maximum levels from the current water flows?
    I’m planning a trip but could be later in the year

  • cocoa says:

    What’s the best time go to Lake eyre, if i want to see it look like a mirror?!

    • Editor says:

      There’s no ‘best time’ of year as such because the weather in that part of the outback is very difficult to predict. There’s a usually some water in the lake but it rarely fills. Keep on eye on the rainfall (not just out at the lake but in the surrounding catchment) to see if it’s worth going at any given time. (Bureau of Meteorology) and the Lake Eyre Yacht Club sites are good places to start. Best of luck in your Eyre quest and let us know how it goes.

  • Alan Venus says:

    I’m in Adelaide where my work contract is shortly over and have to drive home to the Gold Coast. Looking forward to the visit of Lake Eyre on my long journey home, I’m sure a real once in a lifetime event. Regards Alan Venus.