Top Towns for 2022: The top things to see and do in Port Fairy



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  • Gwen Brien says:

    Port Fairy is the number 1 tourist destination. Plenty to do and see. Accommodation varies from camping to up-market. Swimming ranges from Pea Soup’s family friendly to the long East beach with protected little end to bigger waves for every one. The pretty old town is one we go back to often.

  • Mary Metcalf says:

    Loved your article on Port Fairy…
    and always buy your mag!
    Can’t believe you didn’t visit time&tide…The Best High Tea…
    in the world’s most awesome spot?
    Cracking views, delicious food and an experience not to be missed!
    I LOVE ❤️ this place and visit when my family and I can get together….
    It’s one out of the box and can’t believe you didn’t experience it?
    Best wishes to you and the team
    Mary x

  • Mary Metcalf says:

    Port Fairy….you’re the best!
    Visit and be delightfully surprised!❤️

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