The Pole House Holiday Home, Fairhaven

30 October 2023

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  • Kellie Blair says:

    I was quite disappointed in a couple things
    1 for a newly renovated property the lack an exhaust canopy in the kitchen meant you couldn’t cook anything without setting off the smoke alarm, so the main siding glass door needed to be left open for cross ventilation.
    2 lack of simple cooking facilities like a 2 burner electric cooktop, instead there was thus plug in the wall induction cokktop with no instructions & so hard to use. The burner was burning the middle of the fry pans, we couldn’t even enjoy a cooked breakfast without a burnt flavor.
    3. We were supplied one towel each, half size of a normal bath towel & very thin.
    These things sort of ruined the experience a bit would hate to stay long than 2 days.

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