The ultimate Esperance to Perth road trip

29 October 2023

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  • Wendy McMahon says:

    Personally I’d start at Condingup Tavern 70km east of Esperance heading down to Orleans Bay Caravan Park which although a bit dated, is near Wharton Beach a bright white sandy beach where dolphins often come to enjoy the pristine surf. The place is so remote few make the journey, however it is worth it. Coffee, lunch or dinner at the Condy tavern will surprise and delight. Then spend a few days Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay, Cape LeGrand, climb Frenchman’s Peak just to see the view, take an island cruise, relax and chill out with the locals. You wont want to leave Esperance but take a wetsuit the water is cold but worth the invigorating feeling of being alive you’ll get catching a wave. Then head west making sure you visit many of the beaches along the way, Munglinup, Hopetown, Bremmer Bay. And then there the Fitzgerald River National Park and you haven’t even touched the tip of what’s to see. The southwest coast is something else. Do yourself a favour: don’t die without seeing it.