Outback survival stories that'll stop your heart



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  • Craig Surma says:

    I was lost in the desert in 1986. I send a couple of days in hospital wich can be verified. I walked 55km over sand dunes with out food or water to save my fathers and my own life. Its a more interesting story than any other story ive read. Would anyone like to document it? I was 16.. Can be verified by hospital records on 2.1.86 at Liegh Creek hospital. Email craig.

    • Editor says:

      Sounds harrowing, Craig! Great to hear you made it through the experience. Will definitely keep you in mind if we do another story like this.

  • GJ says:

    If you need to be rescued ie found by the authorities because someone has reported you as missing in the outback or at sea – or you have activated your EPIRB, do you have to pay for it? My understanding is that being rescued in Canada for instance does not cost to be rescued?