11 of Australia's most beautiful secluded campsites

09 October 2020

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Comments (4)
  • Cassie Head says:

    We think you have got this a bit wrong. Rainbow Beach’s Inskip Peninsula does not get a mention. Maybe the research was not done thoroughly enough???? We invite you to check it out. Those places do look worthy, I must admit.

  • Editor says:

    Hi There Cassie,

    Rainbow Beach was in the running. But as you know there are thousands of fabulous beaches in Australia.

    It was one of those times we were really spoiled for choice.


  • Summer says:

    These are so beautiful! How can we tell which photo is from which location though?

    • Editor says:

      A small system issue we are working on and will be fixed ASAP. Meanwhile if there is any one you need to be identified, describe it and we will let you know where it is. Kind regards,