17 best natural spa baths around Australia

Emily Murphy found her passion for writing at a young age and knew her future was in travel after she moved overseas solo at 18. Em loves to write about tips and tricks and anything that will ignite a desire in more people to explore the vastness and beauty that is Australia. She is a devoted bun mum who spends her free time by the sea, on skates and exploring Sydney's dining scene.

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  • Avatar Jeanette Hayward says:

    Fabulous experience. Suffering from muscle fatigue, sore joints neck and back. Soothing artesian spring waters, brought my life back. Thank you to the miners for allowing free use of this gift. Fully recommended. Jeanette x

  • Avatar Denise Moran says:

    The pools look great maps would be nice

  • Avatar Darryll says:

    Free Entry to lightning ridge spa was Awesome as ThankYou I will visit Again one Day Free entry SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE What is wrong we are controlled by the EVIL Money Controller??????? Thanks Earth

  • Avatar Andrew Taylor says:

    Natural spa baths around Australia
    Try Lorella Springs Station in the NT and Metung in Victoria